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October 7, 2021
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COVID-19 patients now ‘sicker and younger’

“People are sicker and younger,“ said Simon Blais. A radiologist at the Cité-de-la-Santé hospital in Laval, he was shocked to see patients in their 20s, 30s and 40s with lungs scarred by pneumonia and who have trouble breathing for months. Patients who are largely unvaccinated and often hospitalised because of the COVID-19 Delta variant, he said. “I am worried because it seems to me that those who are not vaccinated are very sick,” Blais told La Presse on Wednesday.

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May 10, 2021
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Be Aware: Offering COVID-19 Vaccine May Garner More Appreciation Than It Will Revenue

There’s no doubt that the ability to offer patients immunization against a deadly virus would be a good thing for urgent care. Patients who have never visited your facility before may be encouraged to step inside for the first time, thereby getting a close-up view of how professional your team is and leaving with a peace of mind they may have been lacking for months.

Man removing his COVID mask
April 27, 2021
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CDC says many Americans can now go outside without a mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased its guidelines Tuesday on the wearing of masks outdoors, saying fully vaccinated Americans don't need to cover their faces anymore unless they are in a big crowd of strangers. And those who are unvaccinated can go outside without masks in some situations, too.


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January 7, 2021
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Making Antibiotic Resistance Awareness a Priority—A COVID-Created Opportunity

It’s a conversation I’ve had endless times. One that I’ve honed and refined stepwise over time, and one that my patients often tell me they hadn’t considered before: the appropriate use and overuse of antibiotics. And right now, with patients hyper-focused on healthy immune systems, medical providers are uniquely positioned to build antibiotic stewardship into our diagnostic process and significantly increase resistance awareness nationwide.


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January 7, 2021
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Hospitals try to apply lessons learned during the COVID-19 response

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, hospitals and health system leaders already are trying to apply lessons derived from their responses. An obvious lesson for many is the desire of patients for more treatment location options.


December 7, 2020
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Chronic conditions, other health issues have worsened during the pandemic, physician survey finds

Physicians have seen a deterioration in their patients’ health during the pandemic, including with respect to underlying chronic conditions, according to a new survey.


December 7, 2020
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Business During COVID-19 and Beyond

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world, hospitals learned all that they were capable of. With a staggering number of patients testing their capabilities, healthcare workers heroically rose to the occasion. At the same time, this unprecedented situation exposed some of the inefficiencies inherent in even the best healthcare systems.

November 4, 2020
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Benefits of regional anesthesia during a pandemic and opioid epidemic

As hospitals and surgery centers navigate to resume elective and non-urgent surgical procedure volumes, there is heightened concern that the continued use of opioids for pain management before, during and after a procedure may perpetuate the current rise in opioid-related deaths. Similarly, the use of general anesthesia potentially exposes physicians and staff to viral contamination when intubating a patient, releasing aerosols and droplets, which is a primary mode of transmission of COVID-19.

August 24, 2020
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Advancing the value of radiology in the COVID-19 era

Imaging centers and group practices that are reopening during the continued presence of COVID-19 and the partial lockdown are faced with new challenges regarding patient safety and care. Many patients postponed nonurgent imaging procedures, resulting in a backlog of imaging studies.

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July 15, 2020
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Will Covid-19 be the straw that breaks the stethoscope’s back?

As the Covid-19 pandemic reshapes how medicine is practiced in the U.S., one iconic tool could be relegated to the dustbin of medical history: the stethoscope. For generations, there has been no better physician archetype than the quintessential black rubber stethoscope donned confidently over a crisp white coat.

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