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About Kontours

Konica Minolta is a leader in Digital Radiography with thousands of digital X-ray systems installed in orthopedic practices, urgent care facilities, family clinics and hospitals of all sizes.

We spend most waking hours talking with surgeons, physicians, administrators and radiology technologists to understand their needs to help create the products that will accomplish your clinical mission.

Every week our sales team spends hundreds of hours discussing your opportunities and challenges, how external changes affect your practice and what you do to continue to grow. This is all in an effort to deliver digital radiology solutions that are easy to use, are consistently reliable and provide a better patient experience without sacrificing clinical value and providing a solid return on your investment. In short, helping clinicians make better decisions, sooner.

We understand your need to keep up with relevant information to help grow your business, but your day-to-day responsibilities along with the large amount of information shared across the 100 sites dedicated to Radiology, Orthopedics and Practice Management (yes we looked!) make it hard to actually stay informed and up to date.

That’s why we’ve created Kontours. It’s a collection of the most relevant articles related to Radiology, Orthopedics and Practice Management from around the internet, in addition to highlighting innovative approaches to delivering care and practice growth. Kontours is here to help you, our friends and customers, stay informed and up to date with the most relevant news in the industry.

We welcome your comments and ideas to make Kontours more useful and encourage you to share your innovative ideas, success in practice growth and community involvement with your peers. Contact Kontours with your news at  

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