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Editorial Guidelines

June 11, 2018
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Kontoursis a gateway for Administrators owners and business decision makers at Orthopedic practices and Urgent care to get the information they need to manage and improve their practice profitability, in one place.

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to readers ofKontours. The tone should be appropriate to leadership as well as relevant to improve the practice’s profitability, efficiency,and prestige and be written by a person, not a PR department.

We like articles that introduce or share ideas and advance conversations around topics and trends that engage our readers, Ideas on how to grow the business, address regulatory concerns and clarify regulation tend to be opened and shared more often. Most of our readers rely on Imaging technologies to perform their jobs, especially X-ray and Ultrasound, these general areas are preferred over other imaging modalities and clinical applications.

We encourage sharing best practices and drawing from your own experiences in business, self-promotion (of yourself or your company) will prevent us from publishing your article. We accept and encourage previously published content and will link directly to it.

Kontourspreferssubmissions from contributors who are leaders in and knowledgeable about managing a private practice. Hot topics include Marketing, Regulatory concerns, Reimbursement, Productivity, Career development, Hiring and recruiting, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

Associations are encouraged to share their events and annual meetings and to post summaries of o the event after it is completed.


Kontoursis designed to give our reader’s just enough to be dangerous. Submitted Articles should contain a headline and no more than two paragraphs (200 words) summarizing the article. The article itself can be as long as you like and we accept links to other pages.

We welcome your comments and ideas to make Kontours more useful and encourage you to share your innovative ideas, success in practice growth and community involvement with your peers. Contact Kontours with your news at

We reserve the right to modify and refuse articles, regrettably, we do not pay for content.